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JFS Steel Machining Services Introduction

Ju Feng Special Steel Co., Ltd. is a special steel material, steel bars, steel plates and steel tubes, and steel parts manufacturer in Special Steel Industry from Taiwan. JFS Steel has been offering our customers high quality steel bar, steel plate, steel tube, machining service, OEM, cutting service, Precision CNC since 2006. With both advanced technology and 47 years experience, JFS Steel always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Machining Services

Ju Feng provides a complete range of OEM services around the world, offering a wide range of service solutions, but with a flexible approach to meet customers' needs.

Ju Feng offers a broad variety of machining services for OEM market.
Ju Feng offers a broad variety of machining services for OEM market.

In order to speed up the customer’s parts production and lower their costs, Ju Feng are allied with experienced professional engineering team to provide customers with precision machining services of semi-finished parts. Our machining service provides value-added to a full range of steel grade solutions, from steel material to semi-finished or finished components. Our workshop machining capabilities include CNC lathing, milling, grinding, drilling, high speed machining, surface treatment and so on.

Features of Steel Machining Services

  • Enthusiasm.
  • Rapidity.
  • Precision.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Procedure Reduction & Cost Saving.
  • Service-oriented.

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