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JFS Steel Steel Parts Manufacturing Introduction

Ju Feng Special Steel Co., Ltd. is supplier and manufacturer in Special Steel Industry from Taiwan. JFS Steel has been offering our customers high quality steel bar, steel plate, steel tube, machining service, OEM, cutting service, Precision CNC since 2006. With both advanced technology and 47 years experience, JFS Steel always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

OEM Service

Precision OEM Service

With the coming of demand raise of high efficient processing time, Ju Feng provides a complete range of OEM services around the world as our additional services. We are proud to offer machining services to any customer purchasing from our steels supply. Starting customer’s production cycle with the steel material sized to their exacting specification (such as semi-finished product or finished product) saves the processing time and delivery costs for customers. We provide a wide variety of additional services, like steel cutting, steel drilling, heat treatment, machining services, as well as a flexible approach to meet customers’ needs.
Further information of our additional services, please link the below pages.

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  • Steel Cutting - Ju Feng provides the customers the cutting service of steel bars.
    Steel Cutting

    Ju Feng has more than ten sets of circular saw machine and band saw machine which can cut a lot of various steel material (such as carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, seamless steel tubes, free cutting steel, stainless steel, square bars, hexagonal bars, special shaped steel, steel plate, etc.).With computerized automation, the ability to cut the maximum diameter 600mm and the length tolerance within 1mm capacity. Starting customer’s production cycle with the steel material sized to their exacting specification saves the processing time for customers. It not only reduces overall scrap costs but also delivery costs.

  • Steel Drilling - Ju Feng provides the steel drilling service for customers.
    Steel Drilling

    Ju Feng had purchased several sets of high speed metal drilling machine (including trepanning drilling, center drilling, and fast drilling…etc.) to meet customer’s need in recent years. With computerized automation, the ability to drill the hole with the diameter from 13 to 250mm and the depth under 490mm capacity. The steel drilling service which we provide to the customer can help them to reduce a lot of the production time. The result is that all of customer’s specifications will be met, and the customer will have taken part in a cost-efficient process that is truly catered to their needs.

  • CNC Turning Service - Ju Feng provides CNC turning services for customers worldwide.
    CNC Turning Service

    Advanced CNC turning machines adopted by Ju Feng's engineering team are ready to meet customer's processing demands at once. Ju Feng, located in Taichung City, Taiwan and had over 30-year experiences, can produce a variety of components and have a great capacity for completing anything from simple drilling to precision machining of complex design. Ju Feng's CNC turning machines also possess magazine bar feeders to increase production efficiency. All of these features make our innovative metal turning machinery well-suited for the fabrication of highly complex, precision parts. With precision turning services, Ju Feng had successfully served the needs of many customers from diverse markets.

  • CNC Milling Service - Ju Feng’s engineering team provides CNC milling service for customers worldwide.
    CNC Milling Service

    Ju Feng’s engineering team, located in Taichung City of Taiwan, is equipped with over 30-year experiences in machining and milling process and has the capability to finish OEM parts for large production runs. Advanced CNC Milling machines, Mill-Turn Multitasking Machines, and Auto Loaders adopted by Ju Feng enable the high performances in production efficiency and quality and precision of finished parts. Our milling equipment can process the workpiece up to 1300mm in length, 600mm in width, and 650mm in height. The tolerances of ±0.01mm are achievable. Ju Feng’s team has a great capacity for completing the parts from simple drilling to precision milling of difficult design and has successfully met a variety of custom OEM demands.

  • CNC Grinding Service - Ju Feng provides CNC grinding service for customers worldwide.
    CNC Grinding Service

    Ju Feng’s grinding center is capable of meeting and exceeding customers’ specifications due to advanced equipment, over 30-year experiences, and trained machinists working in the temperature-controlled grinding workshop in Taichung City, Taiwan. The trained machinists of Ju Feng’s engineering team use computer numerically controlled grinding machines and dual-spindles grinders to provide high-volume precision grinding service. Ju Feng is an OEM service provider and also offer the services in precision inner dia. grinding, outer dia. grinding, and surface grinding with high tolerance and reliable quality.

  • Heat Treatment - Ju Feng offers heat treatment service of steel material for customers.
    Heat Treatment

    Heat treatment is an important step of mechanical parts and die manufacturing process. Ju Feng provides the customers with the various heat treatment services which include vacuum heat treating, metal hardening, nitriding, metal quenching, metal tempering, normalizing, annealing, martempering, austempering, and cryogenic hardening, etc.Heating the steel material to the suitable temperature range with the suitable time and cooling them with an appropriate speed can improve the several properties of steel materials (such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance) and also better the microstructure and the pressure resistance of steel material.For example, white cast iron can be improved the plasticity by long annealing process. The lifetime of gears in heat treated conditions will be longer than the others of gears without heat treatment for several times. In addition, most of dies should process the heat treatment before use. Common steel products which are in heat treated conditions are gears, shafts, sleeves, motor shafts and so on. Ju Feng has extensive expertise in the heat treatment of the following materials and special alloys: carbon steels, free cutting steels, low carbon alloy steels, structural steels, tool steels, bearing steels, spring steels, cast steels, etc.

  • Machining Services - Ju Feng offers a broad variety of machining services for OEM market.
    Machining Services

    In order to speed up the customer’s parts production and lower their costs, Ju Feng are allied with experienced professional engineering team to provide customers with precision machining services of semi-finished parts. Our machining service provides value-added to a full range of steel grade solutions, from steel material to semi-finished or finished components. Our workshop machining capabilities include CNC lathing, milling, grinding, drilling, high speed machining, surface treatment and so on.

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