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Made in Taiwan Steel Round Bars & Steel Tubes Manufacturer | JFS Steel

Located in Taiwan since 2006, Ju Feng Special Steel Co., Ltd. has been a metal bars and steel tubes manufacturer. Their main steel products, include steel bars, steel plates and steel tubes, as well as CNC steel cutting, drilling, machining and heat treatment services.

Ju Feng Special Steel Co., Ltd. (JFS) was originally founded as a construction company 47 years ago, and since 2006 JFS has successfully expanded into the Special Steel Industry, becoming the leading supplier in Taiwan of various kinds of special steel bars, steel plates, and steel tubes as wholesaler or retailer. In recent years, Ju Feng can provide not only material cutting services but also CNC machining services (a complete machining process from raw material to semi-finished or finished product) for our customers around the world. With more than 47 years successfully expanded into the Special Steel Industry which a leading supplier of special steel material in Taiwan.

JFS Steel has been offering customers stainless steel bars and tubes, and precision steel machining services since 2006, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experience, JFS Steel ensures each customer's demands are met.

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01Nov 2023
Email Mailbox Change Notification

Dear sir/madam, Please be noted that we have changed our customer email address, the new address is, please send to this email address from now on. Sorry for the inconvenience. Appreciate.Wish you a great day!Best wishes,

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27Oct 2022

Now online! Watch our new video. Jufeng Special Steel is your best partner. We can provide technical support, service integration, and comprehensive solutions to create product value for you. Through the video, you can understand Ju Feng style.

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10Aug 2021
What is Carbon Steel?

As one of the most popular materials for metal fabrication, carbon steel has become in one of the most reliable material on earth; but what makes this material so important and so popular?

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28May 2021
What is Cold Drawn Steel?

Cold Drawn Steel is fundamentally the hot rolled steel drawn passing through dies to achieve the final shape. The dies apply pressure with the help of some press machines, and after passing this steel through these dies several times, the steel will have the desired dimensions. This process is known as Cold drawn, due to the fact that it occurs at room temperature (below the re-crystallization temperature), enhancing with this the accuracy of dimensions (Tolerances) and shapes, the tensile strength and the external appearance of the material, by giving to the surface a smooth and polished finish.

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25May 2021
What is Hot Rolled Steel?

Hot Rolled is a mill process, where a steel billet is roll-pressed at a high temperature (Typically at a temperature over 926°C or 1700°F), which is above the re-crystallization temperature. The billet runs through the rollers until it achieves its finished dimensions. This hot rolling process enables manufacturers to produce bigger sizes, and by exposing the steel to temperatures above the re-crystallization limits, makes the resulting material more manageable.

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11Jan 2021
Our response to COVID-19

As one of the biggest special steel companies and CNC machining services providers in Taiwan, JFS-Steel is committed to keep its work force healthy and safe, as well as following all the procedures and recommendations giving by the health authorities, which have played an important role in this pandemic situation.

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01Dec 2020
New International Customer Service Department

We are happy to announce the launch of our New customer service department, ready to provide any assistance for our clients all over the world, in the following languages: English, Spanish, French , German, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai...If you have any inquiry, no matter where you are from, we would be more than happy to assist you!!!Please do not hesitate to contact us!!!

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11Apr 2019
New drilling machine arrival.

Ju Feng offers new OEM drilling service to save more time and cost on CNC machining.

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01Aug 2018
Ju Feng introduces the latest automatic loading and unloading circular saw machine from Japan.

Japan's latest high-efficiency circular saw machine can improve more stable of cutting ability and flatten on the cut surface.

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01Jul 2018
Ju Feng 4th Factory trial operation.

Ju Feng renovating the original factory and expect march into 6 circular saws.

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01Jun 2018
Ju Feng adds an instant update system on operation machine for the production line.

New process progress and ERP instant connection, tracking progress and controlling production information at any time, which can instantly reflect the current production information of the process; and retrospective the relevant document information by documents transmissive directly with help production management department immediately understand the status of production orders and capacity load.

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01May 2018
Gun drilling machine march into Ju Feng.

Ju Feng introduces high-efficiency multi-axis type of gun drilling deep hole machining, which is a precision deep hole machining tool. When the hole depth/hole diameter is larger than 10 times, it is defined as deep hole processing. The gun drilling has the advantage of being able to machine precise deep holes by one feed, and the unique design of the gun drill allows the straightness and precision accuracy during the deep hole drilling process and shorten the machining time.

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22May 2018
Planted in Taiwan and survey the whole world.

Ju Feng(JFS) exports to expand horizons in transition.

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01Jan 2016
OEM Machining Services.

Ju Feng(JFS) provides a complete range of OEM services around the world, offering a wide range of service solutions, but with a flexible approach to meet customers' needs.

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01Jun 2015
Steel Drilling Service.

Ju Feng (JFS) had purchased several sets of high speed metal drilling machine to meet customer's need.

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01Dec 2013
Ju Feng (JFS) had imported the high speed circular saw cutting machines from Japan.

To improve the precision and efficiency, Ju Feng (JFS) had imported the high speed circular saw cutting machines from Japan regardless of cost.

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01Oct 2013
Ju Feng's 2nd Factory was established.

To serve more customers and to maintain the best quality of service, we had established the second factory which is around the head office.

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