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JFS Steel Introduction

Ju Feng Special Steel Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Special Steel Industry. JFS Steel has been offering our customers high quality steel bar, steel plate, steel tube, machining service, OEM, cutting service, Precision CNC since 2006. With both advanced technology and 47 years experience, JFS Steel always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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11Apr 2019
New drilling machine arrival.

Je Feng offers new OEM drilling service to save more time and cost on CNC machining.

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01Aug 2018
Ju Feng introduces the latest automatic loading and unloading circular saw machine from Japan.

Japan's latest high-efficiency circular saw machine can improve more stable of cutting ability and flatten on the cut surface.

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01Jul 2018
Ju Feng 4th Factory trial operation.

Ju Feng renovating the original factory and expect march into 6 circular saws.

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01Jun 2018
Ju Feng adds an instant update system on operation machine for the production line.

New process progress and ERP instant connection, tracking progress and controlling production information at any time, which can instantly reflect the current production information of the process; and retrospective the relevant document information by documents transmissive directly with help production management department immediately understand the status of production orders and capacity load.

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01May 2018
Gun drilling machine march into Ju Feng.

Ju Feng introduces high-efficiency multi-axis type of gun drilling deep hole machining, which is a precision deep hole machining tool. When the hole depth/hole diameter is larger than 10 times, it is defined as deep hole processing. The gun drilling has the advantage of being able to machine precise deep holes by one feed, and the unique design of the gun drill allows the straightness and precision accuracy during the deep hole drilling process and shorten the machining time.

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22May 2018
Planted in Taiwan and survey the whole world.

Ju Feng(JFS) exports to expand horizons in transition.

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01Jan 2016
OEM Machining Services.

Ju Feng(JFS) provides a complete range of OEM services around the world, offering a wide range of service solutions, but with a flexible approach to meet customers' needs.

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01Jun 2015
Steel Drilling Service.

Ju Feng (JFS) had purchased several sets of high speed metal drilling machine to meet customer's need.

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01Dec 2013
Ju Feng (JFS) had imported the high speed circular saw cutting machines from Japan.

To improve the precision and efficiency, Ju Feng (JFS) had imported the high speed circular saw cutting machines from Japan regardless of cost.

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01Oct 2013
Ju Feng's 2nd Factory was established.

To serve more customers and to maintain the best quality of service, we had established the second factory which is around the head office.

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