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JFS Steel's A106 and Steel Machining Service

Ju Feng Special Steel Co., Ltd. is an industrial steel materials, steel parts and steel-related services supplier from Taiwan. Along with steel bars, steel plates and steel tubes supply, steel cutting, drilling, machining and heat treatment services are also provided.

JFS Steel has been offering customers A106 Steel Tube and precision steel machining services since 2006. With both highly skilled technology and 47 years experience, JFS Steel always makes sure to meet each customer's demand.


Steel Tube

Equivalent Grades: STM A106, ASME SA106 pipe. A106 is a kind of carbon steel pipe of USA standard. It can transport various fluids and gases under the high pressure and high temperature, and is often used for steam, petrochemical products, natural gas and other industrial piping systems.
A106 can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, boilers, power plant, ships, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aviation, aerospace, energy, construction and military industries.

Steel Type


A106 is widely used in seamless carbon steel pipe for high temperature.

International Comparison of Meterials



Chemical Composition(JIS G4051)



1. Building construction: pipes for infrastructure piping, groundwater pumping, and hot water delivery from boilers.
2. Mechanical Engineering: machinery parts for machining process, such as bearing sleeves, shaft tube, etc.
3. electrical engineering: pipes for fuel delivery and hydroelectric generators.
4. Others: antistatic pipes for wind power generators and so on.

Steel Application
  • Bearing Bush - Ju Feng offers the steel material that can be used for bearing bush.
    Bearing Bush

    It is widely used in the light industry and is installed for fixing the rotated bearing.The materials of bearing bush we recommend are as below.

  • Machine Parts - Ju Feng offers the steel material that can be used for machining parts.
    Machine Parts

    There are three kinds of material type which are used for machining parts, metal material, non-metallic material, and composite. Also, there are two kinds of metal material, ferrous metal and un-ferrous metal. Ferrous metal material which includes steel, cast steel and cast iron has good mechanical properties (such as strength, ductility, toughness, etc.). The ferrous metal material is obtained easily and its price is cheap. Non-ferrous metal material which has the low density has the advantages of thermal conductivity and electric conductivity.The materials of machining parts we recommend are as below.